Jiya's aim 

Win-win with customers, common prosperity with employees, and symbiosis with the society.

Jiya's spirit

People-oriented, upholding science, daring to innovation and advocating excellence.

Operation principle

Don't say no to the market, and don't make the customer say no.

Quality policy 

Concept - quality oriented, and customer first         

Guideline - prevention first, and one-time success

Method - scientific management, and continuous improvement

Value - mutual benefit, and common development 


- Concept

The company takes the quality as the foundation of the factory, sets up the concept of "the enterprise depends on the customer", all takes the customer satisfaction as the goal, understands the customer request promptly and accurately, and meets even surpasses the customer's demand and expectation to make the customer completely satisfied through providing high quality products and the service. 


- Method

The company adopts customer-driven organizational process, systematic process management and control, dynamic resource allocation, harmonious environment emphasizing communication and participation, and flexible incentive mechanism to promote continuous improvement and innovation and ensure the realization of enterprise goals. 


- Guideline

The company takes "prevention first, and one-time success" as the action guide to implement the best preventive measures at all levels and ensure reliable risk management through advance control. 


- Value

Establish mutually beneficial relationship with customers and suppliers to achieve long-term success and develop together with customers and suppliers. Through appropriate personal development plan and the active participation and support of the management, improve the comprehensive quality, creativity, subjective initiative and responsibility of employees, so that employees can grow in step with the enterprise.

Environmental and occupational health and safety policy:

People-oriented, and all staff participation;

Energy saving, consumption reduction, and clean production; 

Management by law, and compliance to standard;

Prevention first, and continuous improvement;

-- The company adheres to the concept of "people-oriented", cares for the lives of employees, pays attention to the health and safety of employees, emphasizes the consultation and participation of employees in the management process, and advocates the participation of all employe


-- The company promises to manage in accordance with the law, strictly abide by national and local laws and regulations on environmental protection, occupational health and safety and other requirements, abide by the law and meet the standards, and strive for higher environmental and safety performance;


-- The company adheres to the strategy of sustainable development, implements clean production, rationally uses energy resources, reduces consumption, and pursues harmonious development with nature and society;


-- The company establishes and maintains an environmental/occupational health and safety management system to prevent pollution, prevent incidents, and continuously improve environmental/safety performance.。

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