Corporate Responsibility

Obey the law and protect the environment

Promote innovation and serve the society

People oriented, and care for employees

-- The company complies with all applicable laws and regulations, industry minimum standards, ILO and United Nations conventions, and any other relevant mandatory requirements that are more demanding. 


-- While focusing on production, the company will be committed to environmental protection, energy saving and consumption reduction, and clean production. 


-- The company respects employees' freedom and collective bargaining rights. The company respects the willingness of employees to join the union voluntarily. 


-- The company will eliminate discrimination in employment, salary, training, promotion or dismissal on the basis of race, gender, social class, nationality, religion, disability union membership or political relationship. 


-- The company offers employees compensation (without any overtime pay or other subsidies) that meets the minimum wage set by law or industry regulations. And the basic requirements of employees, and there is no illegal deduction of employee wages.  


-- The company complies with applicable laws and industry standards regarding working hours. 


-- The company is committed to providing employees with a healthy and safe working environment to reduce hazards at work.


-- There is no child labor in the company.


-- The company does not detain any ID card of employees during they are on the job, does not use any prison labor, indentured labor, bonded labor and slave labor, and does not have any punished, forced, and involuntary labor conditions. 


-- The company is committed to providing customers with high quality products and services through innovative product design and technological progress; establishing mutually beneficial relationship with customers and suppliers to achieve long-term development and success of all parties, and keeping employees and the company growing simultaneously to serve and contribute to the society. 

Our company mainly focus on designing, manufacturing and selling TN, BTN, STN, FSTN monochrome liquid crystal display module (LCM), small and medium size color liquid crystal display module (TFT-LCM) and embedded application intelligent display products. In order to serve customers more quickly and conveniently, customers can contact us at any time by phone, email, etc. We will serve you wholeheartedly.


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