Charging Pile -- the Urgent Sore Point of New Energy Vehicle Industry

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Charging Pile -- the Urgent Sore Point of New Energy Vehicle Industry

(Summary description)


    Undoubtedly, the construction of charging infrastructure is a necessary condition for the development of new energy vehicles.In recent years, China's new energy vehicle industry has developed rapidly, but the lack of charging infrastructure has become an urgent sore point for the new energy vehicle industry.

    In recent years, China has initially established a relatively complete charging infrastructure.  The accompanying information of 1.5 million vehicles sampled from vehicle enterprises shows that 1.12 million vehicles are equipped with charging piles.  Overall, however, the energy supplement of new energy vehicles is not convenient enough.  Most new energy vehicles owners do not have their own charging piles, and the number of public charging piles is not large.  Data released by the China Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Promotion Alliance showed that by August 2021, a total of 985,000 public charging piles had been reported by members of the alliance.  According to the latest data, there are more than 6.6 million new energy vehicles in China, which means the ratio of vehicles to piles is still only about 3:1.

    In the latest industrial plan released last year, "the convenience of charging and exchanging services is significantly improved" was written into the development vision of future new energy vehicles for the first time, and the plan also guided the layout of charging and exchanging infrastructure for different segmentation scenarios.  As an important way to solve this sore point, charging pile needs the concerted efforts of upstream and downstream industries.

    Jiya electronics has designed and developed a number of LCD products for charging pile.The products cover highway charging, public charging, special charging, community charging and other main charging scenes, and successfully passed Xuchang Cape experiment and CNAS third-party authoritative testing institutions product certification. Its intelligent LCD contains multiple controls, which is convenient for charging pile enterprises to continuously optimize the human-machine interface and improve the convenience of consumers to use charging pile.  Jiya electronics is willing to continuously improve product quality and service level, promote the rapid development of charging pile enterprises, and contribute to the growth of charging pile industry.

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