The Difference between Outdoor Display and Indoor Display of Charging Pile

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The Difference between Outdoor Display and Indoor Display of Charging Pile

(Summary description)


    Generally, the charging pile is outdoors with strong light and needs to withstand wind, sun, rain and other bad weather. Therefore, its requirements for the display screen are different from those of the thermostat, notebook and mobile phone.  What is the difference between charging pile outdoor display screen and general indoor display screen?  There are at least the following differences:

    1. Brightness

    As a passive display, liquid crystal display (LCD) needs backlight to get a good display.  There is a strong correlation between backlight brightness and ambient light brightness. If the ambient light brightness is high, the backlight also needs to be high brightness. Otherwise, " light erosion" will occur, affecting the viewing effect of the display content.  Therefore, the outdoor light of the charging pile is strong, and the display screen of the charging pile should generally reach more than 800Nits, and higher under special circumstances such as direct sunlight at noon.  Compared to the 300nits or so of an indoor display, the brightness is high.  However, too high brightness is not friendly to human eyes, and will cause negative problems such as excessive power consumption of the system.

 2. Power Consumption

    The power consumption of the LCD is mainly from the backlight. The higher the backlight brightness is, the higher the power consumption of the LCD is.  Outdoor LCD screens must ensure high brightness, often resulting in high power consumption.  Generally, the power consumption of outdoor screens of the same size is about 3 times that of indoor screens.  In addition, the use of special backlight films can be improved to a certain extent to achieve high brightness and low power consumption, thus saving energy.  And the cooling system cost in the whole product can be greatly improved.

  3. Cooling System

  Due to the large power consumption of outdoor display backlight, if the heat can not be released, it will affect the display effect and even affect the normal operation of various components.  The indoor display produces less heat and requires less heat dissipation.  The cooling methods of outdoor display can be increasing the heat sink or fan, and the indoor screen can be generally ventilated.

  4.IP Protection Level

  IP protection level is a measure of the dustproof, anti-intrusion of external objects and anti-moisture, waterproof ability level index.  It consists of two digits. The first digit indicates the level of dustproof and anti-intrusion, and the second digit indicates the sealing level of anti-moisture and waterproof. The greater the number, the higher the protection level.

 Outdoor display screens must experience wind and rain under natural conditions, so the protection level of outdoor screens must reach IP65, while indoor screens do not need such a high protection level.

  5. LCD Polarizer

  Outdoor products need to experience harsh sunshine radiation, which is easy to cause the aging failure of polarizer, so it is necessary to use a high-endurance polarizer. The LCD should also be friendly to drivers with polarized sunglasses, so the front polarizer angle should be set properly.

  6. Intelligent Control

  The outdoor environment changes greatly, especially the environmental brightness, temperature, humidity, intelligent outdoor display can automatically adjust its related parameters according to the environmental changes. The indoor environment is relatively stable, which not requires this function.

  7. Anti-riot

  In unsupervised occasions, the outdoor display screen is vulnerable to malicious violence to be broken artificially.  Therefore, it is necessary to use imported optical protection toughened glass for effective anti-riot.  Indoor display screens do not have this requirement.

  Brief introduction of Jiya LCD for charging pile

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